Individual Therapy for Adults

If you are struggling with something painful - be it anxiety, depression, addiction, traumatic flashbacks, or heartache - chances are this is NOT the first time you have experienced this sort of pain.  We have all had our fair share of difficult life circumstances - some of us more than others - and we have all tried to manage and cope to the best of our ability.   But there comes a time when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we simply cannot continue or cope with how we are feeling or functioning anymore.  That's why you are reading this page right now.  

Because you are looking for change, and you have hope your situation can and will change.  

Perhaps you have been to counselling before.  Or you have been on your counselling journey for some time.  Maybe this is your first time reaching out for help. Regardless of your situation or life circumstance,  we can help you find permanent resolution to the pain you are suffering from.  Unlike any other clinician you will work with, you will begin to experience profound change and deep healing.  In fact, you have not really started your healing journey until you have experienced neurobiological healing.  And that all begins here.

It all starts with YOU, and making the decision to change your life.  

And that change starts with us.

"I really regret not ever talking about it.
No one knew at all what I was going through....."
- Prince Harry

Individual Therapy for Children & Adolescents

As a parent, it is heartbreaking when our children are not doing well.  If your child is struggling with anger, physical aggression, defiance, lying or drug use; anxiety, depression, fearfulness; constant complaints of stomach aches and head aches (with no medical cause) and not wanting to go to school; spacing out, nightmares, frequent "switching" of behaviors and moods, it is important you understand these are ALL symptoms of TRAUMA.  

You are not alone.  Children are very easily traumatized because of their lack of life experience, and limited knowledge and skills.

Many, if not all children, suffer from the hurts they are faced with and encounter in life.  While some children are able to pull through these difficult times, others remain stuck and frozen.  If your child is struggling, waiting it out to "see if it will get better" will only confirm your child's difficulties, and will not help resolve the problem in the long run.  Contacting me will.

We integrate EMDR and Play Therapy with children who are struggling from a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns.  Our therapeutic approach with children WORKS and can help you and your child find permanent resolution to the issues your child is struggling from.  The training, knowledge and clinical experience we have in providing this therapy to children is extremely rare to find! Remember, not all therapists have the same training!

For children ages 4-12, we have a Play Therapy room that is warm and inviting in offering a healing and therapeutic experience.   


Change is Possible!

Healing is possible!  


Parenting / Family Therapy

If you are struggling with your child, chances are your child has been traumatized.  But there is hope.  We are one of the very few clinicians who works from a trauma-informed therapy model whereby we will help you to understand why your child behaves / feels the way they do, and where their symptoms stem from. Parenting a child who has experienced trauma requires a very specialized and informed parenting approach.  We will teach you highly specialized parenting techniques and proven strategies to help your child overcome their difficulties, and get them back on track.  This is in turn will help strengthen and facilitate a positive, loving relationship with your child.  A positive, loving relationship with a parent is what children need most- from a neurobiological perspective - in order to establish a strong sense of self, and healthy emotional development so they can succeed in life.

Family Therapy is offered to those clients whom we have an existing
therapeutic relationship with.

Couple's Therapy

Relationship breakdown is one of the most painful things we can experience in our lifetime.  The fighting, chronic tension, chaos, abuse, abandonment and rejection can render us feeling impaired that we cannot go on.  You may feel torn because you know you cannot carry on with the status quo, but at the same time, you don't want to lose your partner, and what you have established together.  It's easy to point fingers and to assign blame.  But pointing fingers and assigning blame will not solve the problem. The problem is recognizing how both you and your partner are holding onto hurts, and how you each have a responsibility to heal from those hurts in order to move forward in your relationship.  

We can help you and your partner on your healing journey so you can obtain the love, happiness and healthy relationship you both desire.  We can help you create the loving, long lasting relationship you are both looking for.  We are trained in a number of proven techniques that will help you regain connection, understanding, compassion and love.  

For you, this is a journey that takes time, patience and dedication.  

Connection, harmony and love can all be yours.   

Are YOU ready to heal and

transform your life?

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