Are YOU struggling and know you need help?

We are trained in scientifically proven evidenced based therapies that clearly document the resolution of traumatic symptoms.  These therapies, when properly used and integrated together, create a synergistic effect that allows you to experience fast, effective and profound changes and relief.  Our approach integrates MIND and BODY therapies to help you:

  1. Understand the origin and root of your issues
  2. Learn how you have (unconsciously) been reinforcing your issues
  3. Change and HEAL from your symptoms!

It is only when these therapies are integrated together in a very specific way that you will begin to experience relief!  The primary modalities we use to help YOU achieve the results and resolution you are looking for are:  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Somatic Experiencing (SE); Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (REBT); and Parts of the Personality.

EMDR Therapy

Developed by Francine Shapiro, EMDR is an internationally recognized evidenced based therapy for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and the symptoms of trauma.  It is considered the gold standard for the treatment of PTSD.  It utilizes bilateral stimulation (through the use of eye movements, kinesthetic stimulation or auditory stimulation) as an individual focuses on specific information as directed by the therapist.  The disturbing information - as held by the individual - begins to decrease and eventually resolves.  The individual no longer feels distressed by the disturbing information as it was previously held in the mind and body.  


Put in another way, EMDR is the medication your
brain NEEDS in order to heal itself from the
traumatic experiences you have sustained in your life 


Somatic Experiencing

Developed by Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing releases traumatic shock frozen in the body through focused attention.  The individual is guided through the completion of self-protective motor responses - as experienced in the body - while focusing on specific information as directed by the therapist.

Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Developed by Albert Ellis, REBT teaches individuals to identify, challenge, and replace self-defeating or irrational beliefs with healthier ones that promote well being and goal achievement.

Parts of the Personality

Using and integrating the theories of psychosynthesis and subpersonalities by Robert Assagioli, Richard Schwartz, John Rowan, and Onna van der Hart / Ellert Nijenhuis / Kathy Steele (The Theory of Structural Dissociation), Parts of the Personality is an innovative and POWERFUL way to help individuals address, understand and actively work with the "parts" inside them that are causing distress, emotional turmoil and problematic behaviors.


Remember, talk therapy alone is simply NOT powerful enough to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.  While you may begin to feel relief soon into therapy, most people require more than just a few sessions if you are wanting full and complete resolution of your issues.  The number of sessions you will require depends on three factors: what your goals are; the extent of trauma you have sustained in your life; and how that trauma has been encoded in your brain and nervous system.  While it may take work, time and effort on your part, YOU will be reaping the benefits of a more fulfulling, happier and calm self.  And best of all......if your symptoms stem from trauma, the changes and results you will experience are permanent!  So it's up to you.....Do you want to continue living your life with ups and downs, going to therapy on and off for years to come, and wasting your time, energy and money.......or do you want to do it RIGHT the first time and resolve your issues once and for all?


Maybe you're thinking.....

I've tried those therapies and they didn't work for me

It is important to understand counsellors in British Columbia and across Canada do not all have the same training.  In fact, counsellors across Canada are not regulated. For you, this means any one can call themselves a counsellor and practice counselling.  That's right.  Counsellors may have no training at all; a certificate or a diploma which required only several months of schooling;  they may have many years of university education;  or they may have extensive training beyond a university gradate degree.  Individuals like yourself may feel frustrated and / or hesitant to seek out counselling because counsellors often vary drastically in their counselling or therapy style, and level of understanding, experience, knowledge and training.  From one counsellor to the next, it can feel like night and day.  

Clinicians (ie: counsellors, psychologists, social workers) may have received training in the therapies I mentioned above.  However,  in order to become proficient in a specific type of therapy, one must do on-going consultation and advanced training to ensure their application of the therapy is correct.  In other words, just because a clinician has received training in a certain modality does not mean they are competent or proficient at delivering this modality.  Therefore, whenever a therapy "fails" for a client, it is not because of the client per se, but rather because the clinician was not utilizing the therapy correctly.  There is a myth EMDR Therapy, for example, does not work for some clients.  When one inquires about the therapist's level of training in these instances, and the client's presenting issues and/or diagnoses, it is often revealed the therapist did not have the proper training, knowledge or expertise to assist the client with their presenting issues, and this is why the therapy did not have an effect.

While EMDR Therapy is one of the best therapies an individual can receive, it is also one of the most difficult and complex therapies to become proficient in.  More often than not, modified advanced protocols need to be utilized during therapy sessions to help a person in their healing and assist them in reaching their goals.  Thus, when looking to find an EMDR Therapist, the clinician should: 1) have completed at least their full basic training (Levels 1 & 2) in EMDR and ideally be an EMDRIA Certified Therapist; 2) engages in regular, ongoing continuing education in the use of EMDR; 3) has received advanced training in the use of modified protocols for EMDR; 4) has received training and/or has clinical experience treating dissociation and dissociative disorders; 5) and is regularly receiving consultation and / or clinical supervision in their use and application of EMDR Therapy.  If in doubt, ask the clinician what their level of training and expertise is BEFORE you start working with them.

As a consumer, you want a therapist who will not only be able to understand and address your presenting needs, but who will help you resolve your personal struggles and issues.  

Jasmine Alexander, founder and principal therapist at Life Healing Therapy, is one of six trainers in EMDR across Canada. She is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and EMDRIA Certified Therapist and has extensive knowledge, advanced training, and clinical experience using EMDR Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Parts of the Personality, particularly with complex trauma cases.  

Jasmine provides clinical consultation to all associates working at Life Healing Therapy to ensure every client receives the highest standard of psychological care.

Our knowledge, training and clinical expertise are extremely unique, one-of-a-kind and will get YOU the results you are looking for.


Trauma affects us ALL

And it's important YOU seek out the help

You can't do it alone

By working with us, you will:


  • Understand why you "Are the way you are"
  • Learn about the hidden epidemic that plagues our society
  • Begin to notice and feel improvements and positive changes
  • Learn powerful techniques to help yourself self-soothe (especially in between sessions)
  • Have increased clarity, insights, understanding and self-compassion
  • Learn about the ONE factor that prevents you from moving forward
  • Feel "lighter," "calmer," and more "at peace"
  • Have the courage to stand up for your needs
  • Experience rapid, deep healing on many levels
  • Feel happier again!
What happens during the first appointment?

Prior to the start of your appointment, you will be required to complete paperwork which will help me obtain as much history on your presenting situation as possible. From there, we will discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, your therapeutic goals, and will review your responses to the paperwork completed.  We will explain to you how we work; provide you with the introductory stages of psycho-education on trauma; and will begin to obtain a thorough psycho-social history of your life experiences.  To expedite this process, if you are feeling psychologically strong enough, you are more than welcome to prepare your history for me ahead of time and bring it to your first appointment.  Your psycho-social history is you documenting everything and anything you can remember that was upsetting, disturbing, overwhelming or traumatic to you. It doesn't matter how big or how small the event was.  The key is - if you have a memory for it, we need to know about it.  Arranging your experiences in chronological order by age and providing a brief description of the event will be needed, in bullet point form.  If you find this task too daunting, not to worry.  We can do your history together in session.  In fact, most people find this exercise very therapeutic when they have shared their history with us in person.  From there, we will proceed at a pace that you find most comfortable.  Step by step, we will work with you to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.  

We will work efficiently and effectively with you to help you understand the root of your struggles, and will share with you the personalized treatment plan that will help you reach your therapeutic goals.  We will guide you every step of the way so you will know what to expect, and what you are required to do during therapy sessions to help yourself heal.  

Extensive psycho-education will be provided to help lessen your fears, and help you to understand why you feel and behave the way you do.  Knowledge is power!  You will also learn numerous techniques to help you manage and cope with your symptoms and issues in between sessions until they are sufficiently worked through and/or until they are resolved.

So, you know you NEED therapy .....  

But are YOU feeling fearful or hesitant about it?

You are not alone.  You know you are struggling, and you most likely have been struggling for some time.  Many people have often been to counselling or therapy before only to find that it either didn't work for them, or they didn't think it would make a difference for their life circumstance or presenting situation. There are many more people who have never been to counselling or therapy because they are fearful for a variety of reasons - fear of digging up their past; fear of feeling emotional pain; fear of "losing control;" fear of appearing vulnerable or weak in front of the therapist; fear of opening up "Pandora's Box;" erroneously believing their problems will just "go away" with time; or worse yet, they convince themselves they can "do it on their own."  There are many reasons why people hold back - why YOU are holding back.  I understand your hesitation.  But you and I also both know your situation will not change if you do not create change.  

Nothing changes.... if nothing changes.  

We are unlike any other counsellor you will ever work with.  We not only have university graduate degrees in counselling psychology, but have extensive training that exceeds far beyond most counsellors.  We have a thorough understanding of the fears and psychological defenses we all experience and manifest - a key element most, if not all, counsellors miss when working with clients - that is necessary to address in order for therapy to move forward.  But perhaps most importantly, our extensive training and proven cutting-edge techniques and therapeutic approach will help correct and rectify any fears you may have so that you can address, work through, and heal from the issues that brought you to seek therapy in the first place.

"Weakness is having a problem

and not recognizing it

and not solving that problem."

- Prince Harry

Are YOU ready to heal and transform

your life?

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