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From a young age, I was always drawn to the helping professions.  There was something very special and appealing to me about being able to educate, nurture, support and care for those in need.  As I grew older, I realized the elements I am drawn to are the very elements that constitute the basis of safety in relationships.  And it is through this felt sense of safety that we can grow, learn and discover our innermost potential.  

It takes a special person to be able to facilitate safety in relationships, and after being told time and again I have this innate ability, I knew the career I was destined for.

My background, knowledge and training sets me apart from all others.  Unlike any other clinician you will work with, your experience with me will not only help you achieve profound results, but will illuminate your potential for growth and healing.  I will work efficiently and effectively with you to find the root of your struggles, and from there, using my proven techniques, will help you find permanent resolution to the issues you sought help for.  It is only when we have true emotional and mental well being that we can create the life we desire and deserve.



Canadian Certified Counsellor #7502   (CCPA)

BC Registered Clinical Counsellor #11222   (BCACC)

BC Registered Professional Counsellor #3142   (CPCA)

Canadian College of Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists #1171  (CCPCP)



EMDRIA Certified Therapist                                                                                                                                                         EMDRIA Approved Consultant                                                                                                                                              

Advanced Certification in Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy                                                                                 Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology


Hourly fees are set in accordance to the fees stipulated by the British Columbia Association for Clinical Counselling (BCACC). If you have extended benefits, please check with your insurance provider directly to see if the cost of a Registered Clinical Counsellor, a Registered Professional Counsellor or a Canadian Certified Counsellor will be covered. Some benefits plans will only cover a Registered Social Worker or Registered Psychologist - I am neither of those designations.   If you have coverage with Green Shield Canada, I may be able to invoice them directly for services provided.  If you have a Claim with Crime Victims Assistance, please note I will require your Claim Number before the start of our first appointment.  Crime Victims Assistance pays a maximum of $80 / hr for Registered Clinical Counsellors.  Clients will be financially responsible for the difference of my hourly fee.  If you have an EAP provider, and wish to access my services through them, please contact your EAP provider directly to inquire whether I am on their list of approved service providers.  If I am on their list, please request to see me.  Once I receive your referral, I will contact you directly to schedule an appointment.  

I am privileged to have been personally trained by top clinicians and researchers in the field of counselling psychology and traumatology.  Many of these clinicians are world-renowned.  Each and every one of them have been absolutely instrumental in shaping me into the therapist I am today.  And to each of them, I will be forever grateful.

To All of You:  

Thank you for teaching me, encouraging me and blessing me with your wisdom and knowledge

R. Armstrong, Ph.D.          L. Ferrari, Psy.D.             S. Johnson, Ph.D.           R. Miller, Ph.D.          F. Shapiro, Ph.D.        

W. Backx, Ph.D.                  J. Fisher, Ph.D.               B.D. Jones, MFT             D. Mosquera, M.A.     O. van der Hart, PhD     

R. Benavides, Ph.D.           C. Forgash, LCSW          J. Knipe, Ph.D.                C. Mountford, Ph.D.   B. van der Kolk, MD     

D. Chopra, MD                   A. Gomez, M.A.               J. Kornfield, Ph.D.          S. Paulsen, Ph.D.                 

M. Crawford, M.A.             A. Gonzalez, MD             A. Leeds, Ph.D.                C. Penner, MFT                  

R. DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.        M. Grant, M.A.                P. Manfield, Ph.D.           B. Perry MD               

W. Dryden, Ph.D.              C.M. Greco, Ph.D.           G. Mate, MD                     C. Ross, MD                  

D. G. Eleniak, Ph.D.           H. Hendrix, Ph.D.          J. McNeil, Ph.D.               D. Siegel, MD

To All My Clients:  

You are my greatest teacher.  

Thank you for trusting me, for choosing me to walk this journey with you,

and for giving me the honour of assisting you to heal.   


Jasmine Alexander MA RPC RCC CCC CCPCPR    

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