Are YOU going through something emotionally painful?

  • Experiencing anxiety, panic or depression?

  • Battling traumatic flashbacks or PTSD?

  • Can't leave your past in the past?

  • Struggling with addiction?

  • Is your anger out of control?

  • Having difficulties with your child ?

  • Your relationship is falling apart?

  • Lost a loved one, friend or beloved pet?

  • Something earth-shattering happened?

  • Suffering from trauma?

Did you know all these issues have
one thing in common?  

And did you know that traditional talk therapy alone is simply not powerful enough to help you resolve the very issues you are struggling from? 


It all starts with TRAUMA.  Trauma afflicts ALL of us - it is part of our humanity.  Trauma is the ROOT of where all our psychological problems originate.  In many cases, it is also the root of where our physical ailments originate.  Trauma can be defined as anything you personally find or perceive to be threatening, disturbing, overwhelming or upsetting.   Chances are - if you have had an upsetting or overwhelming experience in your lifetime - YOU have been traumatized.  And you don't even know it.  Trauma comes in all shapes, forms and sizes.  Therefore, it doesn't matter how big or seemingly insignificant the event was - if YOU found it to be threatening, disturbing, overwhelming or upsetting, then you have been traumatized, and the traumatic event has harmed your brain on a neurobiological level.  According to scientific research, trauma impacts us in ways most of us are seemingly unaware of.  Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, trauma slowly begins to erode our health, and our bodies begin to bare the burden.  Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, shame, negative self-talk, rumination, low self-esteem, sleeping problems, nightmares, flashbacks, body shakes, headaches, chronic pain, addiction and problematic behaviors are just some of the symptoms that can arise from trauma.  Over time, left untreated without the proper therapy, the symptoms of trauma often increase and worsen.   We live in a culture that labels our symptoms as life long medical conditions.  Our culture teaches us that we must "bare," "cope" and "live with" the symptoms we suffer from.  We go from counsellor to counsellor, doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist and nothing seems to work.  We begin to medicate ourselves and with hopelessness accept "this is the way it's going to be."   The good news is - YOU do NOT have to be a prisoner to your emotional suffering or past experiences!  Most, if not all your symptoms which were trauma induced, are reversible, treatable and curable!

We cannot change the past,
but together we can repair it

That's right.  The symptoms you are experiencing is your brain's way of telling you - something's not right - and these symptoms CAN be resolved and healed from.  Yes!  Most, if not ALL your symptoms which were trauma induced, are reversible, treatable and curable!  You see, when we have experienced something upsetting - no matter how big or small - the brain encodes this information as dangerous and threatening in our nervous systems in order to help us survive. Our brain encodes these events as TRAUMA.  Why?  Because from a neurological perspective, it is more adaptive to encode memories for dangerous events at a muscular and emotional level so we respond RAPIDLY and INSTINCTIVELY should we ever encounter the "danger" or "threat" again.  And for most of us, we encounter the "danger" or "threat" from the upsetting events frequently throughout our lives - at work, school, with our friends, family and spouses - and don't even know it.  This is because our environment is full of "cues" that resemble the cues our brain associated with the initial trauma.  These cues can range anywhere from colors, scents, tone of voice, facial features, specific facial expressions, people, emotions, bodily gestures, names, songs, specific articles or decorative items, specific rooms in a home (ie: bathroom), intersections, and / or areas in a community.  Every time we encounter or find ourselves in situations where these "cues" are present, our subconscious takes over, the past trauma hijacks our brain, and we begin to experience what feels like the never ending abyss of emotional, psychological and even physical pain.  Our brain then continues to "replay" these troublesome feelings, thoughts and behaviors (which were often induced from the initial traumatic event) over and over and over again. Like a CD that suddenly begins "skipping," our brains continuously "replay" the upsetting information from the traumatic event in an attempt to properly integrate it...........but it goes without success.  In order to heal, our brains need a special kind of therapy that allows the traumatic information to be properly integrated. Once our threatening, upsetting, overwhelming and disturbing memories are properly integrated, our problematic emotions, physical sensations and mal-adaptive behaviors begin to disappear, resolve and go away.  

You don't have to spend the rest of your life learning how to "cope" with your overwhelming emotions, debilitating physical sensations and negative self-talk.   Yet many people do, or choose to.  Or worse, this is the message given to you by many health care professionals, our culture, society and pop media.   

With our highly specialized training,

wecan help YOU find permanent resolution 

to the emotional pain and suffering you are experiencing


A loving, more nurturing relationship is possible......


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You can heal from the circumstances life has dealt you......

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Connection, harmony and love can all be obtained......

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